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World's First Flight Animation

We created the first-ever interactive 3D flight animation in 1986 when formerly with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada. The 'Risk of Collision' incident over the Atlantic Ocean was animated on a UNIX computer and was the genesis of RAPS (Recovery, Analysis and Presentation System).

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Authorities choose RAPS

RAPS unique capabilities were such that it could recover data far beyond the capabilities of the recorder manufacturer replay systems (designed for routine airline playback). RAPS attracted the attention the attention of the German military, German BFU, US NTSB, French BEA and Australian ATSB who began to use RAPS under an international cooperation agreement.

The same year AIR (Accident Investigation & Research) was formed largely supporting the legal community as expert witnesses for aircraft accident investigations.

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TSB/C and NRC pioneer independent animation tools

AIR commercialized their first animation tool developed in cooperation with the National Research Council of Canada in 1995.

Airbus saw RAPS for the first time in 1991 when the flight data recorder from the A320 accident in Bangalore India was brought to TSB/C. Airbus made a formal request for RAPS, but TSB/C was not prepared to allow its use outside of government users.

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FDC buys AIR

The UK-based Flight Data Company acquired AIR and began to focus on airline FDM programs.

A proposal to commercialize RAPS was submitted to TSB/C.

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Flightscape is born

TSB/C decided to accept the staff proposal for RAPS commercialization, and Flightscape was formed by TSB staff (Mike Poole and Bob Hoyle).

Flightscape ported the UNIX-based RAPS to Windows and rebranded it to Insight.

Air Canada selected the Flight Data Company FDC for their FDM program

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IATA chooses Flightscape

Flightscape launched the world's first FDM service.

IATA selected Flightscape to develop IATA FDX (Flight Data Exchange) Program.

Teledyne Controls bought the Flight Data Company with Steve Roberts and JS Theriault heading the flight data systems division.


AIRINC is born & CAE buys Flightscape

Flightscape was acquired by CAE to 'close the loop' between accident investigation and training. Flightscape introduced the concept of simulator 'FOQA' to CAE.

In the same year, AIR founders (Steve and JS) left Teledyne and formed Applied Informatics & Research Inc. (AIRINC)

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Air Canada chooses AIRINC

Air Canada moved its FDM business to AIRINC.

Flightscape expanded its investigation tools to include FDM capability.

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Plane Sciences is born

Founders of Flightscape (Mike & Bob) formed Plane Sciences to pursue the accident investigation community. Plane Sciences co-located with AIRINC and began collaborating.

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CAE Transferred Insight FDA Suite and its customers to PS

CAE decided to novate all Insight customers (back) to Plane Sciences and provided them with all the source code for Insight.

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APS is born

After working together for 10+ years, AIRINC and Plane Sciences decided to formally operate as one cohesive company and APS Aerospace was formed (APS = AIRINC + Plane Sciences).