FDR/CVR/DLR Readouts

FDR/CVR Maintenance

APS Aerospace is doing Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) business as Applied Informatic and Research AIRINC under AMO 42-13 certificate. The (AMO) performs annual FDR/CVR/DLR maintenance readouts and return-to-service, Initial Flight Recorder Installation certification along with any unscheduled parameter checks. Our AMO services encompass all aircraft types — commercial & corporate and fixed & rotary.

Both our offices in Canada and Europe are specialized in providing FDR/CVR maintenance readouts.

  • Advanced software and extensive dataframe library

  • Supports all flight recorders (FDR/CVR/QAR/-Datalink)

  • Physical box - return to service - e-reads

  • Initial installation & certification

  • AOG service (all types)

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