Lumina fda

Flight Data Analysis

Lumina fda is a modern and powerful web-based analysis, trending, and event detection tool. Your flight data is now easily accessible on any device running a modern web browser and a high-speed internet connection. Lumina fda, our flight analysis solution, allows you to directly monitor your operation, verify your standards and training programs as well as validate corrective actions taken as a result of SMS inputs. As required, the results of these analytics can be used to develop action plans to improve flight safety. Flight safety officers and investigators now have the flexibility to work from anywhere by logging into the system through a browser.

Flight Data Monitoring FDM/FDA/FOQA

Lumina fda enhances flight data analysis and safety management systems by giving you easy access to multiple functions in one place. This modern environment was designed by combining human factors principles with innovative technology and our experience in accident investigation and flight data analytics. It fulfills all your FDM needs in one, easy-to-use, space available from anywhere using a web browser:

  • Event detection functions

  • Dashboards and reports

  • Quick animation viewer

  • Fuel optimization analytics

Select our FDA Suite for access to:

  • Real-Time Safety Dashboards and Reports

  • "Big Data": Analytics

  • Effortless information exchange with your team by copying an URL (of an event or flight)

  • Economics (SET, RTU, APU, ACD, RNAV and GHG studies, reactive and predictive maintenance (Mx) initiatives)

  • Conditional automatic notifications sent to managers and support personnel

  • Business Intelligence Analysis such as fuel monitoring programs

Data Processing
Flight Summary
Event Report
Data Explorer

Lumina Data Analytics And Reporting

Lumina fda is breaking new ground by using leading-edge technologies to enhance flight data analysis and reporting and gives you the power to freely ask questions about your flight data without affecting your flight data analysis results and reports. Designed and implemented over five years with major airlines as well as being implemented with smaller airlines.

What does this mean for a typical FDA/FDM user with years of flights in their database? Experienced FDA/FDM personnel will know that as a database gets larger, listing events or plotting values can take several minutes. With Lumina it takes seconds! In the past, calculating new aggregates or running new events on years of flight data was practically impossible. Using Lumina fda, results can be extracted from 50,000 raw flights in only minutes. In addition, multiple values can be exported at the same time giving you the ability to search for correlations or patterns.


While most, if not all FDA systems contain definitions for events and values for many anticipated scenarios, new situations often arise requiring new analysis.

For example, who would have anticipated the issues with the B737-MAXs? After the MCAS issue was identified, Lumina was used to quickly calculate AOA differences from thousands of flights that were flown over many months to determine if there had been possible occurrences in the past. Performing this data extraction in a traditional FDA system would have required each flight to be fully re-analyzed, which could have taken hours if not days. In addition, if refinements were needed to the algorithm the entire process would need to be repeated making this traditional method surpass a reasonable time threshold. Using Lumina, the query took seconds. Lumina fda eliminates that barrier allowing you the time to focus on what matters most, the results of your query, wherever that takes you.

Another area where analysis within most traditional FDM Systems is not possible is related to economic studies, which by definition are continually evolving. However, Lumina users can extract numerous key performance indicators and display them in ways not otherwise possible to date.
Arrival Plotting
VertG on Landing

Lumina E3

Lumina E3 is a fuel & economic analysis tool. It is an enhanced report of your aircraft's/fleet's economic performance. E3 identifies inefficiencies that can save money when addressed.

Example analysis

  • Fuel Efficiency Assessments - Fuel Conservation

  • Fulfilling EU Emissions Monitoring and Reporting Requirements

  • Aircraft Movement Analysis - Ground Holds

  • Airport Analysis (Runway Condition)

  • Aircraft Performance Studies

  • Arresting Systems Analysis (Brakes/Thrust)

  • Flight Plan Validation

Data Processing
Flight Summary
Event Report

Simplified FDM Procedures

1. Data Transfer to Groundstation for Analysis

Flight data is transferred to a ground-based replay center located at APS Aerospace's data center by either manual quick access recorders (QAR), Digital Flight Recorder or Wireless means.

2. Flight Data Analysis

Data is replayed utilizing FDM software which detects programmed events and reposits the events in a secure database for analysts to review. Data is analyzed for any special “commercial” or business intelligence-related items if optioned by the operator.

3. Validation Process

Analysts review the data to ensure its validity and select significant events for review by the FDM team.

Review Process and Action

  • Significant events and trends are analyzed by the FDM team

  • Reports are prepared and made available

  • Dashboards are automatically updated with validated information

  • Action initiatives can be tracked over time to provide positive feedback and determine the program's effectiveness and impact under SMS requirements

Lumina 2d

Core Plot/List System

Lumina 2d is our cutting-edge plot and list engineering replay tool previously known as FASTER. Together with it, we offer our legacy software Insight|Analysis, used by many investigation bureaus and maintenance organizations.

Lumina 2d - Plot and List Engineering Replay

Lumina 2d is a software module for flight data and cockpit voice recorder import and replay. Lumina 2d has the ability to import data files downloaded directly from Flight Data Recorders QAR/DAR/DFDR.

It also has the ability to import various other types of files directly into the system such as:

  • Comma Separated Value Files (CSV)

  • Simulator Output Files

  • ADS/B data

Key Features:

  • Separate or same tabs

  • Trace parameters have options for the color of trace, scales etc.

  • Titles and page sizing for printing

  • Parameter overlay to easily see diverging values

  • Search function to find parameters with specific values

  • Multiple tabs and floating windows allowed

  • Flight Path Reconstruction Configuration Editor

  • Rubber Band Flight Path Adjustment Feature

  • Catalogue Editor (for Managing/Configure/Programming and Deriving Data

  • Mathematical Tools for working with and making calculations on data, “Derived Parameters”

  • Expert Python Script

Parameter Explorer
EGT Limit

Insight|Analysis - Core Plotting System

While we are working on augmenting the capabilities of Lumina 2d and merging functionalities between our two plotting solutions we are still offering our legacy software Insight|Analysis together with the current version of Lumina 2d.

Key Features:

  • Datamap and Flight Data Editor

  • User-programable functions with the Function Editor

  • Deriving parameters from raw data automatically or manually

  • Fully customizable screen layout with save-layout functionality

  • Save plot layouts as templates for rapid data analysis

  • Automatic detection and filtering of NCD, NDU or other bit error parameters

  • Flight splitting and flight phase detection

Once the raw data has been converted the system allows for graphical and textual presentations, flight splitting, flight phase detection and programmable conditional search tools.

Insight Analysis
Insight Analysis

Lumina 3d

Flight Animation System

Lumina 3d is a powerful, flexible and highly customizable flight animation solution that doesn't compromise high-fidelity animations while enabling users to create their personalized working environment. Lumina 3d, previously known as FAS, includes Lumina 2d and Cesium web visualization. To augment your aviation safety investigation capabilities, Lumina 3d may be purchased together with our Lumina fda suite. It can be used as a bolt-on to other FDA systems.

About Lumina 3d

Lumina 3d is our complete and powerful flight analysis and animation solution that has been tailored for the aviation community and is based on over 20 years of experience in the production of flight visualization, flight recorder playback, flight training, and investigation tools. It is designed to provide the customer with insight into their flight operational profile and/or single incident investigation by offering the most expansive investigation programming features available on the market today, all while keeping in mind the cost-conscious business environment in which we find ourselves. Lumina 3d is modular in design allowing the user to use those modules deemed necessary for their particular needs. It also has an authoring environment that allows the end-user to make their system configuration changes and construct their personalized in-house toolsets.

Lumina 3d's revolutionary design is built using web-enabled technologies making it possible to convert your projects to shareable, secure, encrypted and password-protected files comprised of fully interactive plots and animations via the web. Secure web-based distribution makes it simple to disseminate data plots and animations. Lumina 3d has available three different modules Lumina 2d, the animation module, and the LuminaWeb web-sharing module.

Flight Data Animation Module - High Fidelity World Environment

We have adopted a software development methodology that leverages visual environments to the greatest extent possible. With this in mind, we have chosen to integrate Lumina 3d with the Cesium Geobrowser and X-Plane Simulator as independent animation rendering environments to provide our customers with feature-rich and photo-realistic World Views.

Lumina 3d's embedded Cesium geobrowser uses high fidelity, planet-wide, imagery to generate an accurate 3d world view. The dynamic view will zoom in to see continents, regions, countries, cities, and finally individual houses, trees, and other natural and man-made objects. In addition, since Cesium is completely WebGL compatible there are no issues with the security risks associated with embedded Plugins injected into your browser.

Lumina 3d allows the multi-screen display that helps flight safety investigators to analyze and present an event in an accurately replicated cockpit-like environment.

Lumina 3D
Lumina 3D Controls
Lumina 3D Instruments


We replicate cockpit instruments and drive them with recorded and derived flight data. There are many issues with this approach, so, in addition to replicated cockpit displays, we also provide a generic investigator display template optimized to investigate FOQA events, incidents and accidents.

There is a crucial difference between displays designed to communicate data to a pilot for the purposes of flying an aircraft and displays designed to communicate data to a flight data analyst for the purposes of understanding what happened. Therefore, we give flexibility to our end-user to edit their working environment to best serve their needs.

Revolutionary Web Technology

LuminaWeb is a revolutionary game-changing web-enabled application. It makes it possible to upload fully interactive animation content onto our servers for secure distribution of those animations. LuminaWeb replaces the need to produce cumbersome videos and/or to distribute antiquated limited use viewers around your organization. The animations and plots are viewable, but not downloadable, by the end viewer. The creator of the LuminaWeb presentation controls when the animation or plot expires and the password security to protect their potentially sensitive data presentations. LuminaWeb is a reliable, high-fidelity method of sharing your work with others whether for information and education distribution, airport familiarization or to elicit feedback from the flight crew involved, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming travel to a safety office.

Like our Lumina 3d software solution, LuminaWeb's modular design allows the user to use those modules deemed necessary for their particular needs.

Follow these links to see live examples of LuminaWeb projects:

Authoring Tools

Lumina 3d's authoring toolset gives our customers the freedom to make system configuration changes, edit content and create new instrument displays. Users can even create their own displays. There are tools to:
  • Compute flight paths

  • Make flight path corrections

  • Manage, correct, and derive data parameters

  • Add events or detailed text markers along the flight path

  • Insert, remove, position, and size flight deck displays