Flight Data Analysis Suite

Lumina is the latest evolution of our flight data analysis suite for both proactive accident prevention and reactive accident investigation. Whatever your flight data analysis needs are, lumina provides a solution for you based on over 30 years of development history.

Lumina replaces Insight and FAS product lines. If you have any questions on how to upgrade your current solution, please contact us at [email protected] .

About Lumina

SME Days

Subject-Matter-Expert (SME) Days

We uniquely offer Subject-Matter-Expert (SME) Days to augment your capabilities. We have 'flight-data' experienced technical pilots, aerospace engineers, and fuel/efficiency/performance engineers, all at your disposal on an as-needed basis.

About SME Days


Collaborative Aviation Safety Exchange System

CASES is a extension of our lumina system that allows owners of aircraft to assign their aircraft to Groups for securely controlled access to facilitate collaborative analytics.