MARS/Custom FDR/CVR Labs

MARS (FDR/CVR Memory Access Retrieval System) is designed solely for accident investigation authorities. It reads the memory board directly and produces a file for each individual chip without the need for a Golden Chassis or OEM interfaces/software. By having control of the entire process from start to finish, investigators have the ability to intervene when things don't work according to plan.

MARS also has the capability of reading undamaged recorders by simply removing the crash-survivable memory unit from the chassis, to expose the memory board's cable and connector.

World leaders in the design, development, installation, and support of custom FDR/CVR systems for both military and civil investigation authorities.

It is important for all investigation authorities, regardless of size, to have the fundamental the capability of flight data/cockpit voice recorder analysis to carry out investigations.

We provide everything from case-by-case assistance to full turnkey solutions. Regardless of the software and equipment provided, it is critical that you are supported by people with a proven track record in major accident investigations.

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