We have proven expertise in flight data analysis starting back in the mid-'80s

  • We invented the first flight animation in 1986 and have been doing it ever since

  • First and only company to offer bit-level editing of flight data (must for accident investigations)

  • First to offer flight data analysis as a service (2002)

  • We actively participated in the development of Minimum Operational Performance Specification For Cockpit Voice Recorder System ED 55/56A/112A

  • As the Canadian expert to the ICAO FLIREC panel in the 90's, we pushed hard for proactive flight data analysis to become the international standard among airlines

We have more than 100 years of combined experience in Flight Data and Cockpit Voice Recorder Analysis

We are the platform of choice among the air safety community - can do both high-end accidents and lesser airline events

Our unique user community consists of the majority of accident investigation authorities, aircraft manufacturers as well as a growing number of airlines

The latest evolution of our FDA System - lumina|FDA takes full advantage of modern web-based technologies which is the way of the future

Having us in your corner should you be involved in a major accident is a significant advantage

We are lean with low overhead (not a small part of a much larger aerospace company). Successful flight data analysis is heavily dependent upon a strong relationship with our customers at many levels

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